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Power play

(2020- ongoing)

“man is a fatal disease of the animal”

Alexandre Kojève

Manipulated images depict a wide range of visual expressions of the physicality of inter-species domination from a contemporary, historical and philosophical perspective.

w qu'est-ce que l'homme - qu'est-se que
w Electrode insertion.jpg
w disabled 2 ht.jpg
Lamb 1-3.jpg
web 11 - blood.jpg
web 18 - lab rat v3.jpg
w for dead animals v2.jpg
Fox tossing poliptico.jpg
w head nose unit halftone v3.jpg
Ether testing on cat person 3 copy.jpg
w rat head ht.jpg
w AIC smoking unit ISO halftone blanco w
mini web Power play - little internation
web Power play - little
w 17 phenomaster .jpg
w holding rabbit ht2.jpg
web Holding rabbit - halftone 4.jpg
w deformable atlas halftone.jpg
web Power play 3.jpg
web antibiotic.jpg
web 1 - st (disabled).jpg
don jr 1.jpg
don jr 2.jpg
don j3 4
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